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Want to have an Estate Sale in Minnesota?

For your estate sales in MN, whether it is a full estate sale, moving sale, liquidation or simply a redecorating sale, Minnesota Estate Sales is there to help you through the process. The process starts with a free in-home consultation where we will try to answer all your questions and evaluate your sale to determine if our services are right for you. Once you hire the team at Estate Sales Minnesota, you can relax and leave the work to us! You can rest assured that we will take pride in your sale and handle all items with care and respect.

The team at Estate Sales Minnesota will carefully display all sale items in an attractive manner to promote the best sales possible. Each item will be carefully priced. Items that need special consideration will be properly evaluated to determine the best fair market value. Our team strives to create a clean and organized estate sale which creates a pleasing environment for customers.

When needed, we also conduct shoes-off estate sales in MN. Upon request, certain areas can also be protected with carpet tape. The register is placed by the door to allow for constant supervision of the entrance and exit to the home.

Estate Sales Minnesota will take care of all the advertising needs, including print, internet and advertising in the neighborhood on sale days. Estate Sales Minnesota takes all forms of payment and takes the responsibility for processing all payments. You will receive your check from the proceeds within 15 days at the close of the sale. Thank you for checking out Estate Sales Minnesota. We hope to see you soon!

Want to work with some of the best in Estate Sales in Minnesota?
Please contact us for additional information or to schedule a free consultation.