A little bit of history

While spending time writing content for my new business, Estate Sales Minnesota including the website and promotional materials, I found myself continually referring to being “ethical” and “honest”. These characteristics are very important to me and I was reflecting today on how they became embedded into my personality.

The answer became very clear to me; these strong ideals come from my father, Steven Race. Not only did I learn the value of honesty, trust and integrity from my father, but I also learned to appreciate things of the past and their stories. In addition to life’s values, I learned to appreciate a rare or fun antique or vintage item found at an estate sale in Minnesota, where I grew up.
Let me tell you a little bit about Steve Race. He grew up in the area of Crosby/Aitkin, Minnesota. He is the fourth of six children born into an extremely poor family. His mother was emotionally and physically abusive and his father was rarely around. My paternal grandfather died at the age of 42 when my father was only 16 years old. My dad believes it was the stress of their living situation that led to his poor health and heart attack. My dad has many childhood stories that include not eating for days at a time. After several days, he would go to a neighbor’s house and although they also suffered financially, they always had something to share. More often than not, they shared corn bread. To this day, that is pretty much the only food my dad won’t eat. He has said he has eaten enough corn bread to last a lifetime! My dad recalls being embarrassed everyday at school when he went in the lunch line with his bright red token which symbolized that he was receiving a free meal.

My dad left school in the eighth grade due to not having adequate clothing and necessary resources to maintain normal attendance. From the age of 17, my dad has held a fulltime job. He has never shied away from hard work. My dad has worked as a short order cook, a forest fire fighter, a welder and recently at Hormel in sanitation. Additionally, for several years, my dad owned his own concrete business which he did in addition to working fulltime. My dad instilled a very strong work ethic in my brother and I. He rarely missed a day of work. I even recall him reporting to work with broken ribs. At his recent retirement party, we had a quote up that sums up his work ethic, “Steve never met an hour of overtime he didn’t like. He was known as the “Overtime King.” I share my dad’s work ethic and intend to instill this ideal into Estate Sales Minnesota.

My dad always talked about working hard to earn what you have and always “living within your means.” My dad taught me to be honest and kind to everyone I encounter. To never take anything for granted. To take pride in your work and be honest and sincere in everything you do. I have taken these lessons to heart and will utilize them with my business skills. I am certain that Estate Sales Minnesota can truly succeed if I use the life lessons I learned from my father. I love the Benjamin Franklin quote, “Well done is better than well said.” So, when I talk about conducting estate sales with honesty, with integrity and ethical values, it is not just lip service, but deep seeded morals and values that have been instilled in me during my entire life by a wonderful man, my hero and role model, my father. I hope to make Estate Sales Minnesota successful, so my dad can be proud of me and see how his life’s lessons have fueled me to become a better person. I want to carry on his tradition of treating everyone with dignity and respect. Having an estate sale can be a very emotional process and difficult to sort through a lifetime of accumulation. I am here to help and promise to treat the customer’s possessions with respect, decency and dignity. I strive to have each estate sale conducted by Estate Sales Minnesota be a positive experience for the client, customers and my team. I am thankful to my dad for not only instilling a tremendous work ethic in me, but teaching me to do it with dignity and honor.